black hawk elementary school

The mission of the Black Hawk Boosters is to promote the welfare of the children at our school. Promote communications between the school and the families of our children, and to further enhance the development of all children and youth in the community. 



Black Hawk Boosters raise funds to help better the classroom and school experience for our children and teachers. We do this by paying for educational magazines and web site subscriptions for certain grade levels that they use in the classroom as learning tools. We respond to teacher requests throughout the year when they need help securing books, field trips, and other tools that will improve the educational experience of our children.


Another goal of the Black Hawk Boosters is to raise school spirit and create a feeling of community and belonging among parents, students, staff, and community. We host several events throughout the year where all the students and their families can come together and just have fun. Some of these events include:

  • Movie Nights
  • Parent Teas
  • Booster Picnics

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